SVCS - The Secure Next Generation Pension. 

SVCS - Giving To Services is an audited digital currency used to power the next generation pension for those in public service. 

Hospital Staff - Nurses, Doctors, Care Workers, Ambulance Crews. 

Military & Emergency Services - Police, Fire and Rescue and support teams.

Teachers - All teachers & Assistants, including supporting staff. 

Support SVCS to support those who serve. 

GivingToServices - SVCS

Blockchain; Ethereum ERC-20

Token name; GivingToServices

Ticker; SVCS

Contract address; 0x9cec686ba6f07d6135b2091140c795166ef5b761

Total maximum supply; 10,000,000,000

Decimals; 18

Etherscan link;

Token logo; 


Secure Wallets

We strongly advise you use digital wallets that are suggested here on the Ethereum website.

Always use Two Factor Authentication. 



Ethereum Contract Address. 

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