1.1 How to buy SVCS 

SVCS is sold via approved exchanges details of which can be found on the SVCS official website, GiveToServices.com

     1.2 SVCS Price

The price is determined by the exchanges and is dependant on the trading pairs used. 

     1.3 SVCS Distribution Process

SVCS is distrubuted directly to the exchanges and key investors and partnerships. An audited view of our holdings can examined on EtherScan.io 

     1.4 SVCS Current Use

 SVCS is currently used as an investment tool into projects that directly help those who have served their countries. By increasing the awareness of our token and the digital currency ecosystem we are contributing to mass adaptation. GiveToServices works with strategic partners to facilitate these investments with the dual aim of giving back to those who have served their countries (Saying; Thank you for your service.) whilst driving increased value into the token. 


2. SVCS Technical Description

     2.1 Name


  2.2 Ticker


  2.3 Blockchain

Ethereum ERC-20

  2.4 Total Supply 

Locked and Maximum 10,000,000,000 SVCS. No future creation/minting of tokens will be available. 

  2.5 Decimals


  2.6 Contract Address


3. Safeguarding

  3.1 Future proofing. 

To prevent price manipulation, GiveToServices will hold 60% of supply. This is to ensure we can continue to drive value into the token and our investments into the veteran community are future proof. 

  3.2 Exchange Control

We are committed to investing into the ec0-system and will continue our aggressive strategy of listing on key exchanges at an exponential rate. To prevent price manipulation GiveToServices has a maximum limit it will send to an exchange for money making services (To allow the automation of Buying and Selling), this is set at no larger than 1% of supply. 

  3.3 Initially it was the strategy of GiveToServices to donate enough SVCS to purchase a coffee to anyone who has or is currently serving. Due to the susceptibility of this approach we now only invest into projects that benefits those same people. This will prevent large scale price manipulation and allow the SVCS community to have confidence in the token. 

4. Key Partnerships

  4.1 Charitable and NGO's

SVCS is focused on key partnerships globally to ensure out SVCS is invested into the right projects which deliver value for the token holders and the people that directly benefit from the projects. 

     4.2 Exchanges

It's vitally important that the exchanges remain our top priority as we develop mass adaptation, our bias is towards trading pairs that remain market leaders; ETH, BTC and USDC

     4.3 Wallets 

SVCS is an ERC-20 Token, as such there are a number of highly recommended wallets to store SVCS securely. GiveToServices is working with market leaders to ensure maximum security whilst distributing the token on a large scale. 

5. Simplicity

  5.1 GiveToServices has a very specific goal. To achieve that we believe simplicity is the best method to ensuring we stay lean and fast. Our founding members and early adopters believe in our mission to give back to those who have or currently serving their countries. The finer details of our token and the blockchain behind it can be found on the Ethereum Website and Etherscan. 



SVCS Token

SVCS is an ERC-20 Token. As such we have kept this white paper about the token rather than the Ethereum Blockchain details of which can be found here


Ethereum Contract Address. 

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