How Does SVCS Work?

Public service is hugely honourable. Those who dedicate their working lives to the service of others is often driven by a sense of duty rather than financial reward. 

The traditional pensions for public service has decreased over the years, largely due to the pressure governments are under and no longer having the ability to properly fund them. 

SVCS is designed to give public servants an alternative in a next-generation pension that they control and isn't tied to the financial restrictions of governments.

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  • 30 Day Growth 1,245%

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Next-Generation Pension

Traditional pensions are normally locked by government until a 'pensionable age.' which can vary dependant on the region, but typically ranges between 65-70 years old. 

The problem with this is most people become pension 'prisoners' - forced to work until an age it doesn't become enjoyable or viable. The current situation doesn't allow people to retire early or cash their pension out before retire age either. 

SVCS gives people back control of their own future whilst improving the annual returns and compounding interest.

Launching Soon

The team is working on innovative partnerships with secure cold storage solutions to start the roll out of the next-generation pension. 

A secure physical wallet/storage in which you can load your initial pension contribution. 

  • Withdraw at anytime. 

  • Secure.

  • Future proof. 

Ethereum Contract Address. 

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