SVCS is an ERC-20 Token built on the Ethereum blockchain that makes donating to those who serve our country seamless and instant. 

Support SVCS to support those who serve. 

SVCS is specifically designed to be invested into projects that directly supports Veterans, Police, Fire Officers, Teachers and Nurses. 

Military - Any Armed Forces globally. 

Public Sector - Government, Local office, Police, Fire Service, Ambulance crews and Hospital Staff.

Teachers - Traditional School teachers & Assistants and contemporary. 

GivingToServices - SVCS

Blockchain; Ethereum ERC-20

Token name; GivingToServices

Ticker; SVCS

Contract address; 0x9cec686ba6f07d6135b2091140c795166ef5b761

Total maximum supply; 10,000,000,000

Decimals; 18

Etherscan link;

Token logo; 


Secure Wallets

We strongly advise you use digital wallets that are suggested here on the Ethereum website.

Always use Two Factor Authentication. 


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Ethereum Contract Address. 

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