This is where you can say;

'Thank you for your service.' 

It's our mission to keep saying 'Thank you for your service.' To those who have or currently serving their countries. 

Military, Front line blue light services, and nurses. They all deserve our support for what is on the most part a thankless job. 

By using the drop down menus on this page, you can donate SVCS directly to those charities or projects you want to give thanks to. 

Between 10-70% of normal charitable donations are lost in fees and marketing. 

Using traditional methods, if you donated $1 to a charity, on average only 61c would actually make it to the intended destination. 

Cancer Research UK states that for every £1 it receives in donations, 60.7pence is used for charitable activities. 

*Fact check

Intended Use
Lost in fees.

The Problem

The Solution

100% SVCS

Intended Use

Thank you for your service.

Our community can donate SVCS directly to a charity of their choosing.


GiveToServices does not handle any payments.


By utilising blockchain technology the charity receives 100% of the donation almost instantly. 

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